Kamakhya Temple, Kamrup

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Thali prasad consisting of Khichdi, Sabji and Payas is served at the temple. Apart from this, the holy Sindoor, ‘Angobak’ the holy water from the spring and ‘Angabastra’ the red cloth that covers the yoni during menstrual cycle is also given to devotees during ‘Ambubasi Mela’. During the rest of the year other sweets and rock candy are distributed among the devotees.

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Sitting amidst the quaint and scenic Nilanchal hills in western Guwahati, Assam, India, the Kamakhya temple is one of the oldest Shakti Peethas – temples with the highest powers of divinity, in the country. And with us, the Kamakhya Temple Prasad is just a few days away – anywhere across the globe!

Built-in the 8th century B.C. and restored multiple times due to invasions till the 17th century B.C. the temple is considered extremely auspicious. It is also revered by Tantrics who believe in the magical powers of strength that the temple possesses.

The Ambubachi Mela or the fair held in the month of June is the time when a miracle occurs – the Brahmaputra River that flows beside the temple turns red. During this time the temple attracts hordes of devotees to witness this inexplicable phenomenon.

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