Kal Bhairav Temple, Varanasi

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Delicious ‘Besan Laddoos’, ‘Vada made of Urad dal ‘and ‘Alcohol’ are offered to the deity and later distributed among the devotees.

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Legend has it that Kal Bhairav is the fiercest form of Lord Shiva – death itself is scared of this form of the Lord. Portrayed as a deity that wears a garland made of human skulls, Kal Bhairav is the resident deity of Varanasi or Benaras. He is also known as the Kotwal or keeper of the city. It is said that one cannot travel into or out of Varanasi without his permission. Locals take his permission before embarking on a journey outside Varanasi and folklore says on entering the city, this temple should be your first stop to seek the deity’s permission to stay.

The exact date of the construction is unknown, but according to scriptures, the temple was constructed somewhere in the 17th century. This black stone temple is visited by people with utmost faith and curiosity. It is a hotspot for Tantric believers as well. If you can’t undertake the journey to Varanasi, you can Seek Blessings of the Lord in the comfort of your home. Your Kal Bhairav Temple, Varanasi, prasad comes to you in a beautiful wooden box that protects it in transit as it travels several hundred miles to reach you. Also, the Kal Bhairav Temple, Varanasi, prasad is hygienically packed and nitrogen flushed in order to maintain freshness.

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