Shri Arasuri Ambaji Mata, Ambaji

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The special ‘Mohan Thal’ with a mixture of ‘Makkhandana’ is offered here which is said to be a delicious mix of taste and divinity.

Away in a foreign land or a distant location but want to partake the prasadam? No worries, we bring to you the prasad in the best packaging through fastest means.

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Situated atop the Gabbar Hill, the Ambaji temple is a powerful Shakti Peetha  – a centre of cosmic power, in Ambaji, Gujarat. The temple is dedicated to Maa Ambe Arasuri and sits atop a not-so-difficult climb of 999 stairs.

A lamp or deep burns 24/7 in the garbha griha or the sanctum sanctorum. The temple has two doors – a main front door and a smaller side door. It is said that the Divine Mother has forbidden the construction of a third door. If you stand with your back towards the deity, you can see the other Ambaji temple on the Arasur Hill, which is a replica.

Legend has it that the temple on Gabbar hill was the only one till the king of Danta who got tired of climbing the hill requested the deity to shift to Danta. The goddess agreed on the condition that the king would stop nowhere or look back on the way to Danta – as the king would walk ahead and the deity would follow closely behind. It is said that the king could hear the anklets of the goddess tinkling behind him, indicating that the goddess was following. When he reached Arasur though, it is said that the king stopped hearing the tinkling sounds. Doubtful, he looked behind him and the goddess, as promised, rooted herself in the spot leading to the formation of the second temple.

Visiting this beautiful temple is quite an exhilarating experience! But if you want to be blessed by the deity, we will deliver the sumptuous Arasuri Ambaji Mata prasad to you from this beautiful temple, right to your home. Your Arasuri Ambaji Mata prasad comes to you fresh, and beautifully packed – reaching you in pristine condition even after travelling miles! Seek Blessings and stay blessed!

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