Shrinathji Temple, Nathdwara

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Shrinathji is offered at least 56 varieties of ‘Bhog’ which include ‘Boondi Laddoo, Mohanthal and Khoprapaak’.

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Legend has it that the Shrinathji idol at the Nathdwara temple has self-manifested from the revered Govardhan mountain. It is said that when the idol was being transported from one spot to another to protect it from destruction, the chariot carrying the idol got stuck in the mud at the very spot that the temple stands today. The accompanying priests realized that the Lord himself has chosen the spot and followed the divine instruction.

The idol worshipped here is that of a seven-year-old deity. Just like a mother would have a fixed schedule for the child’s play, sleep and mealtimes, so does the temple follow a timetable for the Bal Gopal’s day. One can catch a glimpse of the Lord 8 times every day. The temple is also called Haveli (mansion), and tends to function like an actual household. The  Lord has rooms dedicated to specific purposes like a room for milk (Doodhghar), a room for betel (Paanghar), a storeroom for sugar and sweetmeats (Mishrighar and Pedaghar), a storeroom for flowers (Phoolghar), a functional kitchen (Rasoighar), a jewellery chamber (Gahnaghar), a treasury (Kharcha bhandaar), a drawing room (Baithak), a gold and silver grinding wheel (Chakki), as well as and a stable for horses for the original chariot (Ashvashala).

The sumptuous Shrinathji Temple Prasad is certainly not to be missed. It is aromatic, freshly prepared every day and is extremely decadent too. Order your Shrinathji Temple Prasad today and we will have it delivered at your doorstep, anywhere on the planet, complete with provenance tracking and nutritional analysis!

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