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Blockchain Technology

blockchain tech

At Seek Blessings, our operations are powered by Blockchain technology. The fundamental benefit of using Blockchain as the core technology is improving the supply chain and creating indispensable trust & transparency between all the concerned parties during all stages of interaction. 

Blockchain helps confirm the authenticity & source of the prasadam from the requested temple, reassuring that you get the service you paid for.

Advantages of harnessing Block chain technology:

  • Provenance Tracking
  • Authentication of Source
  • Unbroken Trust
  • Complete Transparency
  • Reduced Costs
  • High level of Data security


At Seek Blessings, we are committed to the safety, sentiments and wellness of our customers. And understand our responsibilities towards the same. We therefore proactively conduct periodical laboratory tests for samples  procured from the various temples. While fully respecting the sentiment of the devotee, the purpose for conducting these tests is purely to align with the statutory requirements and to ensure that the right product is being sent out.

We deploy two types of testing methodologies at regular intervals to maintain product consistency.


Food labelling is essential.  Apart from being a legal requirement as per the US FDA, it also helps consumers make informed purchase decisions. It assists our customers to understand the correct storage and consumption window of the food purchased.

Microbiology Safety

These days, we see increased awareness among consumers for the safety of food products. Consumers’ growing demand for freshness and appropriate packing of the product, has led to the advance of food safety practices in the food industry. We, at Seek Blessings take this practice a few notches higher because of our passion for only the best, in terms of quality.

The key purpose of a microbiological test is to identify and restrict harmful microorganisms, which lead to the spoilage of food. The tests also ensure your safety from potential food-borne diseases.

Seek Blessings has a rigorous quality control mechanism in place. Our quality control team has established thorough testing procedures to identify potential threats due to food and environmental pathogens.

Thus the two prime reasons for the tests are to ensure we maintain quality, right from the raw materials to the finished product & to identify any conceivable risk factors.

Reasons for Microbiological Testing

Meet desired specifications for raw material, intermediate, and finished product
Identify risk factors
Process verification
Confirm that regulatory guidelines are followed


An integral part of any products, we pay extra attention to our packaging. At Seek Blessings, we are proud of being able to combine both the aesthetics & the safety aspects and turn your online prasadam into nothing  less than a piece of art. This is your most awaited moment and we take utmost care to make you cherish this moment. 

Several parameters are ticked during the procurement and packaging & we have a dedicated team of experts that ensures every pack of prasadam is dealt with professionalised perfection.

At Seek Blessings, packaging is a stringent, three-step process. 

Stage 1

Your online prasadam is packed into high quality, food grade nylon pouches.

These have a high barrier properties and can withstand atmospheric pressure, have great strength and high clarity, and provide additional protection against oxygen & moisture. Available in various barrier levels, vacuum pouches are uniquely used to pack the desired product 

Kalighat Prasadam

Stage 2

Each pack is Nitrogen flushed, to preserve the food and protect it from any environmental damage during shipping.

Nitrogen flushing is a method used to preserve and protect food from damage during shipping

It replaces the oxygen in a food storage bag, and it cushions the contents. Unlike oxygen, nitrogen doesn’t react with foods or affect the flavour or texture, so they stay fresher longer. It’s completely safe. In fact, you’re exposed to nitrogen constantly because it makes up about 70 percent of the air you breathe.

Shri Siddhivinayak Prasadam

Stage 3

The prasadam is then packed in beautiful and specially designed pine wood boxes, and are ready for dispatch.

So far the product has been packed considering the taste, safety and longevity. These products also need to travel thousands of miles to their destinations across the globe and there is a need to ensure further protection and enhance the aesthetical appearance of the package, making it a collectors item.

The nitrogen flushed pouches are packed into designer wooden boxes made of pine wood which are specially handcrafted. Pine wood has been chosen for the boxes as it is soft, light weight and straight grained. It resists shrinking and swelling. Pine has a great deal of stiffness and resistance to shock, which makes it a solid choice.

These designer handcrafted wooden boxes have a  special inner lining to add protection to the contents as they travel thousands of miles n varying temperatures . A cavity on the top of the box is provided to place  the artefacts of the respective temple making it an attractive package !

Shri Siddhivinayak Prasad Online

All the packing is done in the most hygienic conditions strictly adhering to the HACCP standards.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, or HACCP is a systematic preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical and physical hazards in production processes that can cause the finished product to be unsafe for consumption. It designs measures to reduce these risks.

The HACCP devises 7 core principles which are part of the process.

1. Conduct a Hazard Analysis

2. Identify the Critical Controls

3. Establish Critical Controls

4. Establish monitoring procedures

5. Establish Corrective Actions

6. Establish record-keeping procedures

7. Establish verification procedures


We, as a team realise the criticality of ensuring that your online prasadam reaches you in the shortest possible time. As a result we have collaborated with globally known, niche logistics players.

Being well aware that we deliver precious sentiments along with the shipment, our logistical partners focus on strict adherence to timelines and shipment handling.

Our network covers over 200 countries and 650 airports worldwide making it possible to deliver your packages within 3-4 days, anywhere across the globe!

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